Foie gras & chocolate meteorites

    Av Guillem Corral

    Dryckestips! Kombineras med fördel tillsammans med ett vin som har hög smakkoncentration och gärna ett halvtorrt vin med toner av nötter och torkad frukt. Exempelvis Churhills Dry White Port NV.

    1. Pour the hazelnut praline in a bowl and heat up to 60ºC using a bain Marie, add Glicemul and stir until melted. Mix in the foie gras and blend. Pour in to a jar and add the cream slowly while blending. Fill the lolly pop molds and prick with the skewers. Freeze.
    2. Put the cocoa butter in a bain marie and heat up to 60ºC, add the Lecithin and melt. Once totally dissolved add the chocolate and stir to get homogen liquid. Leave it to chill down to 35ºC and use to coat the frozen lolly pops.
    3. Keep in the fridge and serve in room temperature.


    • 300 g Foie gras mi-cuit
    • 150 g Hazelnut praliné a l’ancienne, Sosa
    • 200 g Cream
    • 4 g Glicemul, Sosa
    • Black pepper, as needed

    • 200 g Deodorized cocoa butter
    • 300 g Dark chocolate Guanaja 70%, Valrhona
    • 10 g Lechitin, Sosa

    • Salt