Almond pannacotta with cake & crunchy almond and raspberry

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    Almond pannacotta
    Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan and stir by whisk. Bring to boil.
    Remove from heat and take out any bubble can be on the surface. Pour the liquid in small shoot glasses and leave it set in the fridge.

    Free egg Almond biscuit
    Mix the water and potatowhip and blend for a minute. Pour in a whipping machine and whip adding the sugar in 3 times, like a French meringue, until get a nice and aired texture.
    A side mixes the almond flour and the starch and sifts. Sprinkle on the meringue little by little and stir gently until totally combined. Stretch the dough on a silicon sheet 1 cm thick and bake up 190 ºC during 7 minutes.
    Leave it chill and cut some cubes 1×1 cm

    Almond crispy
    Put the chocolate in a bain marie and melt up 40 ºC. add the almond paste and stir well until proper combined. Add the butter and stir again.
    Remove from heat and add the remaining ingredients. Stir again using a flexible spatula until well combined. Spread on a tray and keep in the fridge to crystalize.
    Once crystalized, broke small pieces like a crumble and keep in the fridge for plating.

    Almond crispy batter
    Mix the ingredients and stir well by spoon to get a regular powder. Keep for plating.

    Raspberry gel
    Mix all the ingredients and blend using a hand blender during 3 minutes. Keep in the fridge for 30 minutes. After that time, blend again one minute more in order to dilute the remaining lumps and get a thin and smooth texture.
    Pour the gel in a pipping bag and keep for plating.

    Dispose some almond biscuit cubes on the pannacotta. After, some raspberry gel drops random way.
    Use the raspberry batter around the almond crispy and then place two or three in the glass. Finish with a Cantonese almond, half raspberry and one or two beetroot cress.


    Almond pannacotta

    • 500 g Milk
    • 150 g Sosa Roasted Almond Paste
    • 40 g Sugar
    • 2 g Sosa Pro-pannacotta

    Free egg Almond biscuit

    • 36 g Sosa Potatowhip
    • 325 g Water
    • 120 g Sugar
    • 32 g Sosa Tapioca Starch
    • 320 g Sosa Marcona Almond Flour

    Almond crispy

    • 90 g White chocolate
    • 110 g Sosa Roasted Almond Paste
    • 100 g Sosa Paillette
    • 50 g Sosa Cantonese Almond Pieces
    • 10 g Butter
    • 1 g Salt

    Almond crispy batter

    • 3 g Sosa Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder
    • 5 g Sosa Maltosec

    Raspberry gel

    • 400 g Raspberry purée
    • 100 g Simple syrup
    • 30 g Lemon juice
    • 25 g Sosa Gelcrem Cold

    Other ingredients

    • Sosa Cantonese Almonds
    • Fresh raspberries
    • Sosa Freeze Dried Beetroot Cress