Av Valrhona

    An original recipe by Rémi Montagne Pastry Chef at L’École Valrhona.   * The ingredients vary depending on the type of Inspiration you choose for your recipe.

    1. Chrunch: Mix all the ingredients together (make sure the egg white has a liquid consistency). Spread the results out thinly between two sheets of baking paper.
    2. Ganache: Heat the milk and the inverted sugar. Slowly pour this mixture over the melted couverture. Immediately mix using an electric mixer to make a perfect emulsion. Set aside.
    3. Assembly and finishing: Make the crunch and spread it between two large sheets of confectionery dipping paper (product ref. 12675) to a thickness of about 2mm. Freeze. Prepare the ganache and put it in the refrigerator. Once it has completely cooled, cut out 12×2 cm rectangles of cookie crunch. Put these on a micro-perforated silicone baking mat. Bake at 300°F (150°C) for approx. 15 minutes. Leave to cool, then use a piping bag with a 6mm-diameter nozzle to make a strip of approx. 8 g of ganache on two out of three rectangles. Place the rectangles one on top of the other so that you obtain three layers of crunch and two layers of ganache. Make a thin layer of pre-set fruit couverture to go on top, then turn it out onto a printed sheet.


    * INSPIRATION DESSERT GANACHE Strawberry or Raspberry

    • 125 g Whole UHT milk
    • 20 g Inverted sugar
    • 205 g INSPIRATION (strawberry or raspberry)

    * INSPIRATION DESSERT GANACHE Passionfruit or Yuzu

    • 80 g Whole UHT milk
    • 10 g Inverted sugar
    • 265 g INSPIRATION (passionfruit or yuzu)