Tiramisú Pie

    Av Sosa

    Hazelnuts and coffee cream
    Mix together: water, gelcrem hot and sugar. Boil it.
    Add the freeze dried coffee powder and Natur emul. Blend it. Melt the chocolate up to 45 ºC.
    Using a hand blender, make an emulsion mixing the melted chocolate and the previous preparation. Let it cool in the fridge at least for 24 h.

    Coffee sponge cake
    Whip the egg yolk with the caster sugar (1). Whip the coffee with Albuwhip. In 3 times, add the caster sugar (as a French merengue).
    Mix the 2 preparations together.
    Sift the flour. Add it softly to the previous mix.
    Put it in a baking tray. Bake it at 170 ºC for 8 min.

    Coffee syrup
    Blend all the Ingredients together.
    Soak the coffee sponge cake with this syrup.

    Mascarpone cream
    Prepare the gelatine mass mixing the cold water and gelatine powder. Leave it for 30 min in the fridge.
    Warm up the milk with sugar to 50 ºC.
    Add the gelatine mass. Pour it on the mascarpone. Blend it. Leave it for 24h in the fridge.

    Fill the bottom of the chocolate pie with some hazelnuts and coffee cream Lightly soak the coffee sponge cake with the coffee syrup, and put it in the pie. Fill the top part of the pie with the mascarpone cream
    Chop the Cantonese pecan nuts in small pieces, and cover the mascarpone cream with it Sprinkle some mascarpols on the top of the pie.


    Hazelnuts and coffee cream

    • 17 g Sosa Gelcrem Hot
    • 2,5 g Sosa Freeze Dried Coffee Powder
    • 320 g Water
    • 20 g Sosa Caster Sugar
    • 70 g Milk chocolate
    • 160 g Sosa Hazelnuts Italian Pure Paste
    • 5 g Sosa Natur emul

    Coffee sponge cake

    • 72 g Egg yolk
    • 100 g Sosa Caster Sugar (1)
    • 140 g Coffee
    • 14 g Sosa Albuwhip
    • 40 g Sosa Caster Sugar (2)
    • 120 g Flour

    Coffee syrup

    • 200 g Coffee
    • 8 g Sosa Caster Sugar
    • 0,5 g Sosa Gelespessa

    Mascarpone cream

    • 150 g Milk
    • 3,5 g Sosa Beef Gelatine Powder
    • 17,5 g Cold water
    • 30 g Sosa Caster Sugar
    • 350 g Mascarpone

    Other ingredients

    • Round chocolate tartlet
    • Sosa Cantonese Pecan nuts
    • Sosa Mascarpols